Bargain hunters are out there – it’s just a matter of choice as to where they find their bargains.  Consignment shop or estate sale?  Which to choose.  I think the answer is both and here’s why.

Estate sales offer items that may have been tucked away in the attic for years that a family may have forgotten about, or never really cared for.  The estate service manager categorizes the items found, prices them and sells them at the estate sale.  They are usually one of a kind treasures that someone from that household, that family loved and cherished at one time or another.

You were lucky enough to be the first in line to get inside the sale, find this treasure and now you get to call it your own.  You bring it home, display it on your mantel, and are thrilled that no one has an item like this but you.

A week later you decide to go into a local consignment shop.  You see YOUR item, your new treasure, your one of a kind (or so you thought) sitting on a bookcase in the shop.  You ask yourself, “how can this be?”.

Little did you know, another family decided NOT to have an estate sale.  They decided it was too much work for the family to go through these items.  This family lives out of state.  Their Dad passed away and something needs to be done with his estate and it needs to be done quickly so the family can return to their lives, their homes, their families that are waiting 400 miles away.

They call a consignment shop and ask if someone can come clear out the entire house.  Of course the consignment shop is willing to do this and there you have another treasure, exactly like yours in Dad’s long list of possessions.

You’re still puzzled as to how two of the same item came up for sale in such different shopping arenas.  Simple.  Both of these households had long time residents of the community that may have shopped in the same store 50, 60, or 70 years ago.

Coincidence that you saw the same item twice in a week?  Maybe, maybe not.  Enjoy your new item, regardless of where or how you acquired it.

So the choice is yours –

As a family member who needs to liquidate the estate, which would you choose?

Consignment Shop or Estate Sale?

As a bargain hunter looking for unique items that are hard to find, which would you choose?

Consignment Shop or Estate Sale?

"I'm smiling because  you're my sister.
I'm laughing because there's nothing you can do about it!"
Silly Sisters.  One Generation at a Time.

Thoughts to ponder

Sharing some of our experiences with you

Our Services (and a little information about us):

 When we started our business, we began on a journey to help others with a need. That need seems to continue to grow, whether it's to help a family that just lost a loved one,  a family that needs to move Mom or Dad into a nursing home and can't keep the house or it's contents, or the young couple just starting out and needs to begin setting up their new home. 

Our business began with us managing estate sales (which we still do) helping those in need to liquidate their estate. 

As it grows, we find many clients calling asking us to "just take this furniture out of the house and sell it - we don't want an estate sale".   Other clients call asking us to manage their estate with 40+ years of accumulation. 

Each clients' needs are different and we recognize this.  We advise our clients as to which avenue to go according to their circumstances.  We don't believe there is a "one size fits all" when it comes to liquidating an estate.

We decided the best way to serve our clients was to continue managing estate sales AND open a consignment shop for those clients that prefer to have their belongings sold in a shop. 

Our business is Woodward Estate Services LLC.  We are happy that we can now serve our clients with our new shop:

Silly Sisters Consignment & Gifts. 

We're happy to serve you, either through an estate sale or through our shop!


Let’s face it. Losing a loved one is tough.  Having to make decisions about their cherished belongings is like losing them all over again.

As I am invited into people’s homes to help them with the task that’s been handed to them, I look at my own experiences in dealing with the death of a loved one.  It’s not easy.

My clients like to show me what meant so much to their mother or father, and they share their story with me.

Their memories come flooding through like a river out of control as we go through boxes and drawers and closets.

Some things we find make us laugh, some upset the family as a particular memory is attached to the object they hold in their hand.  Some items actually bewilder the family when they find something so odd, so unrecognizable,  so unusual that they have to ask themselves, “What is this, and more importantly, what am I supposed to do with it?”

The gamut of raw emotions along with the wonderful stories that the families share with us is why we do what we do.  They are willing to let us into their homes, into their lives, into their families, and we leave knowing that our initial client is now our friend.